I have painted this image that I had once dreamt. It defines SOLITUDE. Being alone or the feeling of existing alone. Being seen as trapped knowing there is a door waiting, but still living among solitude. Yet, somehow, you find peace. Somehow you feel content. Somehow you feel safe. Yet alone.

Being alone is a good thing. Being lonely is another. Solitude is being alone, not being lonely. Sometimes we want to be alone to figure ourselves out, may that be for 5 minutes, or the whole day. We must embrace solitude and fight lonesome.

Being lonely is also the feeling of being trapped however you’re also drowningSolitude is seen as a trapped environment however it is the time of reflection, the time of growth, the time of emotional peace.

You must exile your surrounding when you’re alone and feel. Feel the energy, feel the vibe inside of you.

What is it that you feel that makes you depressed? Do you feel lost? Scared? Tired? Drained? Helpless? Worthless? Unloved?

Understand your energy. Close your eyes and find what it is that you are missing. Take your time because this takes a lot of patience. Listen to what you are hearing inside when you do so. Listen very closely, as the truth lies within deep down inside of you.

You want to know what makes you depressed? Ask yourself, what am I really missing?

Solitude, you need this moment to answer the question.

2014-10-20 14.01.12


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