Mental health – It’s not what you think.

The Social Paralegal

Mental health has been a topic of discussion for years; however, I still find many individuals do not understand its diversity and implications.

Mental health can range from depression to schizophrenia, from panic attacks to bipolar disorders. The interesting aspect of mental health is that it affects us all but in different ways. For instance, we will all experience some degree of depression at some point in our lives and most of us will be able to overcome it; though, not everyone is as lucky.

But what about long- term mental illnesses? Are all mental health patients a threat? To learn more about this topic I volunteered with the Consent and Capacity Board.

What is the Consent and Capacity Board?

The C.C.B reviews the involuntary status of patients in psychiatric facilities. It also reviews decisions regarding admittance of an incapable person to a hospital, psychiatric facility, nursing home or home…

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