Happy Thursday!

Today I had an amazing Skype conference with individuals going through anixiety and depression, and one of the topics that came up as an outlet was Mindful Meditation.

A type of meditation where you stay in the present.

We did a 10 minute session on Skype and it was delegated by the chair of the support group.

The outcome? Everyone in the session was calm, relaxed and forgot about their emotional pain because they focused on the NOW, the PRESENT.

Take some time out of your day, most preferably the morning and try some meditation and see how you feel.

Probably one of my favourite outlets, try it and let me know how it goes! Always focus on the PRESENT

The Ghuman Project


What is written on your face?

There is always something we strive for, hope for, and wish for the better.

Either on to ourselves or for others; just a little piece of light.

What is it that you hold on to? Something you would like there to be more of?

LOVE MORE is written on my face.


There needs to be more love in my world and yours. It’s not the first time you heard someone say, love conquers all! Because it really does!

What kind of hope is written on your face? Spread that hope loud!!




Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds, the natural inevitable cycle of life and death can alter with one tick of a mindset: “I’m worthless”

What makes your mind tick? 

What people think or you? How people in your life treat you?

What makes you YOU is what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning. THAT person is not worthless, not useless and YOUR life is not pointless.

Don’t let others fool your mindset.




Good Evening!

Today I would like to broadcast an important event that will be taking place in October, and an event The Ghuman Project will be supporting!

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Peel will be having their annual Walk for Life Walk for Hope on October 3, 2015 @ 10:00AM.

This walk allows participants to honour those that have been affected by mental illness and to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Join our team or kindly donate to support the cause!

One small awareness at a time can save a big life!



Mental health – It’s not what you think.

The Social Paralegal

Mental health has been a topic of discussion for years; however, I still find many individuals do not understand its diversity and implications.

Mental health can range from depression to schizophrenia, from panic attacks to bipolar disorders. The interesting aspect of mental health is that it affects us all but in different ways. For instance, we will all experience some degree of depression at some point in our lives and most of us will be able to overcome it; though, not everyone is as lucky.

But what about long- term mental illnesses? Are all mental health patients a threat? To learn more about this topic I volunteered with the Consent and Capacity Board.

What is the Consent and Capacity Board?

The C.C.B reviews the involuntary status of patients in psychiatric facilities. It also reviews decisions regarding admittance of an incapable person to a hospital, psychiatric facility, nursing home or home…

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We all have this fear of trying something new.

Starting something new is the best fearful and exciting feeling you can possibly feel.

Being afraid of starting something where you don’t know what the outcome will be is what makes life so unpredictable.

Sometimes it’s good not having control over something.

Starting something new can be comparable to any sport:

Baseball. Sometimes you may strike out, but sometimes you achieve that home-run.

So go ahead, make that invention you always had in mind, create the envision you’ve always seen.

You’ll always get that home-run if you continue to try something new, and never stop.

Don’t stop even when your fear takes over. Don’t be afraid.

Just create.

– Ghuman



Someone once told me to believe in your dreams.

Then someone once told me to stop making castles in the air.

You later start to realize after a few years of not believing to a few years of can’t stop dreaming that,

without dreaming, you never know about endless possibilities and realize that limitation to boundaries are stupid.

With dreams you learn that the world is yours for the taking.

This world is for my taking.

My dreams are what will help me conquer everything.

From castles in the air to bricked castles starting from the dirt far up to the ground.

– Ghuman



Relationship goals are probably the most stressful ones.

Goals are what you set for yourself to achieve

Relationships are supposed to be between two people where love feels like home.

Love between two people is supposed to be stress-free.

Love is stress-free.

However, you then stumble into a relationship where it feels like your dating the editor of a magazine; a critic.

“you shouldn’t be like this”
“you should be doing this”
“you can’t be like that anymore”

And then you start to doubt yourself

Your self being.

The person who you truly are, is no longer there

because now you’re changing for love?

Love isn’t supposed to change your character,

love isn’t supposed to change who you are at all.

I was told that I’m way too emotional,

I was told that I’m hot headed,

I was told that I need to learn to be calm and cool, because cooler heads prevail and take courses.

I left.

You can’t change a person by their character.

You can change habits, not people.

I will always be emotional, I will always I’m impatient, I will always be hot headed.

But I have outlets.

Changing isn’t an outlet for character.

I will always love myself, flaws and all.

Until then I realized truly, the cold hard truth about love.

Someone may be perfect for you, but you may not be perfect for them.

In this case, I wasn’t perfect for him. But later, after judgement day, neither was he.

– Ghuman



For the last couple of weeks the word “appreciation” and the act of “appreciating” is far different from what I’ve learned.

You can say how much you appreciate someone of what they’ve done or what they may do, but act like they mean nothing.

You may be there for someone your whole life, family or friends, and with one single action, sometimes the whole bond breaks.

Just by one single act.

Sometimes you’re there for someone for a week, family or friends, even strangers, and with one single action, they will never leave your side.

And then there are those that are always there for everyone, even during deceitful times, but because of a good heart they will always appreciate and love those no matter what.

Why do strong relationship keep tabs on who’s done what, how much, for what?

No really, for what?

I believe that in any relationship, for any situation, for anyone, anywhere, if you truly love or appreciate someone, no tabs should be involved.

No differences should take place.

And no arguments on the plate.

Do something out of love. Do something out of kindness. Good things with selfishness should never take place.

If someone doesn’t appreciate you for all you’ve done for them, drop them.

The cold hard truth: Never linger those that don’t want to help you during tough times. 

It’s 2015, it’s time to do things out of kindness and love. Not tallying and hate.

– Ghuman