Welcome to my new category! 

The writing project will be all projects affiliating with The Ghuman Project, and all written work will be my own original writing pieces. 

So many exciting new short stories to come, so many public writing pieces to come, so many more exhilarating projects to come in this new year!

Buckle up!




Someone once told me to believe in your dreams.

Then someone once told me to stop making castles in the air.

You later start to realize after a few years of not believing to a few years of can’t stop dreaming that,

without dreaming, you never know about endless possibilities and realize that limitation to boundaries are stupid.

With dreams you learn that the world is yours for the taking.

This world is for my taking.

My dreams are what will help me conquer everything.

From castles in the air to bricked castles starting from the dirt far up to the ground.

– Ghuman