This subject is something I can relate to quite well. Shocking to some, but to those that have known me for many years know about this.

Depression is not a subject to brush off. Depression is serious. However a lot of people don’t know the seriousness when using the term depression in their every day life. A lot of people may feel just sad, or upset or even hurt and just say “I’m depressed.” However, the actual term depression, is not something to throw around.

Depression hurts- severely. It could even kill.

You know that feeling where you feel a deep hole of emptiness inside of you? Or that feeling where you wake up and actually feel nothing towards anything? Or that feeling of worthlessness, helplessness and even hopelessness? How about that trapped feeling where you feel like dying because nothing is working out for you? The feeling where not even death scares you? That feeling where you just let life go by because you’re drowned.

These feelings aren’t a one days roller coaster ride. This is for the people that are going through what I have gone through for years.

There is a way out, but it takes time- days, months, years even. Took me 14 years to come out of major depression myself- not that I’m saying I’m happy, but I know not to kill myself anymore. As a life coach I will not fix you- but mirror you in depth to becoming happier than today.

I’m not going to tell you to smile and to let things go and move on. Nor am I going to tell you to keep yourself busy to snap out of depression. I’m not going to tell you to go out and socialize or find drug outlets and go through antidepressants religiously. I’m not going to tell you to stop crying. Never will I tell you to look past things to cope with depression either.

Depression may be considered a mental health issue, but what the world is forgetting that it is quite more emotional than mental. How can you cure emotions? Not very easy, but I will openly share and discuss many things that I had done to help me guide out into a happier life than before.

If you are going through this, don’t worry, there is always a way out for the better. But you must be patient. This takes time, this takes effort and this will also push you further from your limits.

I’m not going to fix you, but I am definitely going to let you cry.

Are you ready? Then lets go.