the Female rise

Creating the perfect group of people for your creative circle is a struggle. Finding the perfect women, even more-so.

There aren’t that many of us, which to me is kind of disturbing. I have come across a very few handful of women in the film/entertainment world that work behind the cameras. Not the front-end: not the actress or models or speakers. I’m talking about the women who are screenwriter, video editors, cinematographers, graphic designers, sound engineers. Where are those women?

Slowly the circle will form, slowly the women will rise, higher than men, and surely it will be a revolution.





2018 – first goal

Happy New Year!

You know when you have a goal, a thing you’ve set your mind to and you just keep it in your back pocket thinking “I’ll get to this when I have the time!” – yeah, me too!!

There’s been things that have been slipping far too long

For example, this year, I have decided that I AM going to focus on my physical health, something I have been yearning to focus on, but just never could go about it

I got a personal trainer, but this time it’s different. I have someone that pushes me far beyond my limits. I realized that I am that type of person that needs to be pushed in order to really know my capabilities. In order to go past my limits and beyond.  I mean – I know I can do anything, but having that “push” to excel, is something else. It’s another “drive”. And being pushed is never a bad thing – I need more than just a motivational quote to jump-start my 2018 fuel. So this method it is!!

I’m done being close to pre-diabetic, done with swollen feet and so done with being unhealthy physically.

I call this year- the Transformation Year. A year to be pushed!





Lets start fresh again, new year, new youth.

Of course we hear part of this famous saying (new year new you) when a new year strikes, but how much do we actually follow through with what we’d like to change?

This year, can we please do something about it?

Have something that’s bothering you? – encounter them!
Too scared to take the next step? – walk right on it!
You want more in life? – travel!
Feel like you’re starting off stuck? – let the small things go!
Have grudges? – get some closure!
Feel like you aren’t good in many things? – find a new activity to join!

This is OUR year; 2015 is where you’re a youth again and you’re starting all over in reality.

Sure, make some castles, make some make-believe bridges, but follow through with them!

We can’t spare another year by slapping ourselves emotionally and mentally for not doing the things we’d like to do in our life.

An unproductive passing day is a missed opportunity of greatness!!! Remember that

So pull out your notebook and write down what we want from 2015- what we want to change, improve, grow and prosper in.

Then, pull out your cyber calendar, and MARK THEM!

I refuse to have someone not achieving – even a baby step – in something they’d want to do. Depression is the deprived devil that stops us from growing. However, a new year strikes some sort of positivity within you emotionally that can help us strengthen. And we will. Together!

Happy New Years!