… is when you wake up seeing the brighter.

… is when you feel a little bit lighter.

… is when you speak a little bit softer.

… because that is what will get you there.

… because it is the only ingredient to revive you.


Without hope how can you possibly breathe?

Or possibly dream?

Why clog precious miracles with dull moments?

Why live in dead dreams?




It’s just the beginning.

It will end, for the better.

Until then, dream.

But with that, you hope.

Because hope is when you wake up seeing the brighter.

Because hope is when you feel a little bit lighter…

– Ghuman



Lets start fresh again, new year, new youth.

Of course we hear part of this famous saying (new year new you) when a new year strikes, but how much do we actually follow through with what we’d like to change?

This year, can we please do something about it?

Have something that’s bothering you? – encounter them!
Too scared to take the next step? – walk right on it!
You want more in life? – travel!
Feel like you’re starting off stuck? – let the small things go!
Have grudges? – get some closure!
Feel like you aren’t good in many things? – find a new activity to join!

This is OUR year; 2015 is where you’re a youth again and you’re starting all over in reality.

Sure, make some castles, make some make-believe bridges, but follow through with them!

We can’t spare another year by slapping ourselves emotionally and mentally for not doing the things we’d like to do in our life.

An unproductive passing day is a missed opportunity of greatness!!! Remember that

So pull out your notebook and write down what we want from 2015- what we want to change, improve, grow and prosper in.

Then, pull out your cyber calendar, and MARK THEM!

I refuse to have someone not achieving – even a baby step – in something they’d want to do. Depression is the deprived devil that stops us from growing. However, a new year strikes some sort of positivity within you emotionally that can help us strengthen. And we will. Together!

Happy New Years!