“I get it, everyone goes through crap in life. Everyone is fighting against a struggle and trying to become a better person, or in fact trying to make their world a better place for themselves. Everyone is going after the main hustle and that is trying to make the top dollar for a better living for them. But sometimes trying to make a better living for yourself is the ultimate failure. How can you really justify success? You can’t. It’s different for everyone, but everyone wants to be better than the person their standing next to. Everyone is trying to fight for status, for popularity, for more women or men, for more friends; real or fake, for more lust than love, for more lies than truths, for deceits than honesty. People are stabbing their friends, family and even strangers just to get ahead. Everyone is in it to win by killing themselves, for all of that? What happened? I have no care in the world for a luxurious life, having money to spend on useless things and eating at fancy places. Or having a posse or having people kiss my feet. We, are not in that race; We want to have an unwounded soul, to create a happy mind, a smooth road with pure love. We want to share happiness and spread it. We want to share the richness we are all afraid to tap into in our minds, body and soul. Upsetting that it’s hard from where we are standing at right now. This is a cruel chaotic world. But, you see that light up ahead? That’s the ultimate goal. For us to reach there, soulfully.”

interpret my painting however you wish