For the last couple of weeks the word “appreciation” and the act of “appreciating” is far different from what I’ve learned.

You can say how much you appreciate someone of what they’ve done or what they may do, but act like they mean nothing.

You may be there for someone your whole life, family or friends, and with one single action, sometimes the whole bond breaks.

Just by one single act.

Sometimes you’re there for someone for a week, family or friends, even strangers, and with one single action, they will never leave your side.

And then there are those that are always there for everyone, even during deceitful times, but because of a good heart they will always appreciate and love those no matter what.

Why do strong relationship keep tabs on who’s done what, how much, for what?

No really, for what?

I believe that in any relationship, for any situation, for anyone, anywhere, if you truly love or appreciate someone, no tabs should be involved.

No differences should take place.

And no arguments on the plate.

Do something out of love. Do something out of kindness. Good things with selfishness should never take place.

If someone doesn’t appreciate you for all you’ve done for them, drop them.

The cold hard truth: Never linger those that don’t want to help you during tough times. 

It’s 2015, it’s time to do things out of kindness and love. Not tallying and hate.

– Ghuman