We all have this fear of trying something new.

Starting something new is the best fearful and exciting feeling you can possibly feel.

Being afraid of starting something where you don’t know what the outcome will be is what makes life so unpredictable.

Sometimes it’s good not having control over something.

Starting something new can be comparable to any sport:

Baseball. Sometimes you may strike out, but sometimes you achieve that home-run.

So go ahead, make that invention you always had in mind, create the envision you’ve always seen.

You’ll always get that home-run if you continue to try something new, and never stop.

Don’t stop even when your fear takes over. Don’t be afraid.

Just create.

– Ghuman



Now that the winter season is “almost” over, you can throw away your fluffy winter coats, your winter gears of shovels and car brushes perhaps, even your winter sorrows and winter blues.

When season changes, and the climates confused, and your wardrobe is a mess, it’s time for you to call all the shots.

Just like anything else in the world, one thing is always constant and that is, change.

Change something about yourself that changes your perspectives of things to the better.

Have some vacation time from work?
Use it! Go somewhere not as a vacation, but as an adventure and travel for the time being!

Have some new clothes you just brought but never got the chance to wear?
Wear them! Strut!

Want to learn something new or expand any sort of knowledge you’re curious of?
Enrol! Knowledge is power!

Tired of looking at your old crummy car but you have some sort of saved funding to get a new one?
Sell and buy!

Want to cut your hair?
Cut, colour and style it!

Lost a loved one, or a friend?
Grow within those emotions and strengthen those that are having a hard time doing so.

Change is good.
Change is what makes the world go ’round, even today.
If you don’t like something you’re doing today, don’t wait till tomorrow, do it now.
Or, you should’ve done it yesterday.

Excuses and self punishments are what will keep you depressed.

Being closed off to change for the new is what makes you feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over and over again.
Like you’re stuck, like there’s no excitement to life and living.
Feels like such a drag, doesn’t it?

Change; revolve around the constant!

Hey, the season and weather is changing;
out with the cold, in with the heat.
And so can you!

– Ghuman



Everyday is all about new beginnings. You wake up every morning but you do all the same things. You eat the same thing, you go to work at the same time, you go to the same gym all the time, you choose a whole weekend every month for a night out yet go to the same bar. It’s the same cycle every month every day every year.

Why? Because we are so used to what’s comfortable. It’s not what we like or what we want to love, it’s about comfort. Sometimes, comfort is something you should avoid.

Just because we feel at ease doing things that we know are safe or things we know so well, it’s not necessarily a good lifestyle.

One of the other reasons why I was going through depression was, I was doing the same thing every day. I needed out. And I got out.

I changed one small thing about my daily routine and everything slowly adjusted accordingly into a changed day. Everyday.

I started painting at night. That shifted my perspective on timing. You see, instead of going to bed every day at a certain time, I started to paint which then created ‘no time’ . I started realizing the value of time and how much you can actually accomplish if you do a lot more outside your comfort zone.

And now I am in the process of creating something more out of my comfort zone.

And you should too. Perhaps try a different gym, try a different healthy diet, try doing creative projects at night before going to bed. Changing one course will alternate your boredom and feelings from a depressing life to a little more purposeful one.

Also, what’s the purpose of new beginnings if you don’t do anything new about them?


I am currently in the works of creating something really new for you guys! Hopefully by the end of this week I have everything finalized. We are going to have someone new in town! Xo



Lets start fresh again, new year, new youth.

Of course we hear part of this famous saying (new year new you) when a new year strikes, but how much do we actually follow through with what we’d like to change?

This year, can we please do something about it?

Have something that’s bothering you? – encounter them!
Too scared to take the next step? – walk right on it!
You want more in life? – travel!
Feel like you’re starting off stuck? – let the small things go!
Have grudges? – get some closure!
Feel like you aren’t good in many things? – find a new activity to join!

This is OUR year; 2015 is where you’re a youth again and you’re starting all over in reality.

Sure, make some castles, make some make-believe bridges, but follow through with them!

We can’t spare another year by slapping ourselves emotionally and mentally for not doing the things we’d like to do in our life.

An unproductive passing day is a missed opportunity of greatness!!! Remember that

So pull out your notebook and write down what we want from 2015- what we want to change, improve, grow and prosper in.

Then, pull out your cyber calendar, and MARK THEM!

I refuse to have someone not achieving – even a baby step – in something they’d want to do. Depression is the deprived devil that stops us from growing. However, a new year strikes some sort of positivity within you emotionally that can help us strengthen. And we will. Together!

Happy New Years!