For the last couple of weeks the word “appreciation” and the act of “appreciating” is far different from what I’ve learned.

You can say how much you appreciate someone of what they’ve done or what they may do, but act like they mean nothing.

You may be there for someone your whole life, family or friends, and with one single action, sometimes the whole bond breaks.

Just by one single act.

Sometimes you’re there for someone for a week, family or friends, even strangers, and with one single action, they will never leave your side.

And then there are those that are always there for everyone, even during deceitful times, but because of a good heart they will always appreciate and love those no matter what.

Why do strong relationship keep tabs on who’s done what, how much, for what?

No really, for what?

I believe that in any relationship, for any situation, for anyone, anywhere, if you truly love or appreciate someone, no tabs should be involved.

No differences should take place.

And no arguments on the plate.

Do something out of love. Do something out of kindness. Good things with selfishness should never take place.

If someone doesn’t appreciate you for all you’ve done for them, drop them.

The cold hard truth: Never linger those that don’t want to help you during tough times. 

It’s 2015, it’s time to do things out of kindness and love. Not tallying and hate.

– Ghuman



There will be a time where you will feel like you have it all.

The feeling that everything is finally perfect.

The feeling that everything you’ve always wanted is finally here.

Where nothing can disappoint you. Nothing can disturb you. And nothing can destroy you.

Yet, you still fricken feel scared. Defeated.

You let one honest voice out and somehow, suddenly, the vibe changes.

The stars are now aligned differently.

Your gut is turning awkwardly.

And with one voiced opinion, somehow you lose it all.

With one action, somehow everything disappears.

With one feeling, somehow everyone is shifted.

How do you get that all back again?


Maybe we want to move so fast that your world isn’t ready for it.

Maybe we want to fill something quickly that you end up filling it with the wrong thing.

Maybe we want to love so hard that you end up getting hurt by a person you’d expect to love you.


We may think we have it all, but usually it’s only the beginning.

Either a beginning to an old end or an end to a new beginning.

I don’t have it all, but even half a baby step towards a tiny thing, is always growth to the better.

Even taking steps backwards is not the worst thing ever.

No matter how bad it hurts.

Even when you feel like your world is falling apart so fast, never let anyone define your worth.

– Ghuman



Today for our Victoria Day long weekend, I took my two and a half year old baby cousin to Downtown Toronto with me.

We walked on the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, and came across the Love Locks everyone does in Paris, France. However, us Torontonian’s have created our own version here.

Love locks: A love lock or love padlock is a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love.Typically the sweethearts’ names or initials are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolize unbreakable love.

Spread some love, not for this week, not for this month, but forever.

Spreading love even at an arms length can go a mile away.

Everyone needs a little bit of loving, everyone needs to know the feel of being loved.

So go on, lock some love and attach it to a bridge!

Love. Nothing heals better!





Hey everyone!

Today is going to be a little bit different.

A group of my close friends and I have recruited together to be apart of an amazing cause with an amazing organization: Canadian Mental Health Association.

Being an active member, we have created a group to join in with the CMHA Ride don’t Hide 100km bike event!

On June 21, 2015, thousands of cyclists will come together to celebrate and strengthen mental health for all Canadians while raising $1,000,000 for mental health programs and services.

We have just registered the group, so please, during the process of getting it all together, donate for a great cause!

Please visit the page below and donate and if you’d like, join our team as well!
Let’s fight mental health one pedal at a time, and cheer for Woes on Wheels! Thank you Xox!

– Ghuman



… is when you wake up seeing the brighter.

… is when you feel a little bit lighter.

… is when you speak a little bit softer.

… because that is what will get you there.

… because it is the only ingredient to revive you.


Without hope how can you possibly breathe?

Or possibly dream?

Why clog precious miracles with dull moments?

Why live in dead dreams?




It’s just the beginning.

It will end, for the better.

Until then, dream.

But with that, you hope.

Because hope is when you wake up seeing the brighter.

Because hope is when you feel a little bit lighter…

– Ghuman



She didn’t want to hold on to the poison anymore.

She can’t let herself get emotionally drained anymore.

She wouldn’t allow anyone come close to her anymore.

She needed a cure.

A miracle.

She needed to let go.

Let go all the negativity.

Let go all the pain,

to help her move on.

To help her get back up.

But every time she would get up in the morning,

she was reminded of the dark pain.

How people around her have hurt her.

How people around her had brought her down.

How showing her face with a smile across it was the best fake thing to do.

Because frowning was never considered beautiful.

Because revealing pain was looked down upon.

Because being around someone who’s showing their dying inside never looked good.

She wants to smile again.

She wants to be happy.

She wants to get rid of the baggage.

So she got up,

she grabbed all the things that reminded her of pain.

All the things that are hurting her.

All the things that are holding her back.

She threw them all into her car.

Drove to an open field.

Lit everything on fire.

Watched her past burn.

Watched her sins disintegrate.

Watched the weight that were on her shoulders vanish in smoke into the air.

As she walked back into her car,

drove back home,

went back into her room,

she looked in the mirror.

She was reminded that even letting a harsh past go,

it’s still apart of who she is.

However, this time,

she looked at herself as a warrior.

A soldier who survived violence,


and heartbreak.

However, she never felt so good.

Wearing scars never felt better. 

– Ghuman



Now that the winter season is “almost” over, you can throw away your fluffy winter coats, your winter gears of shovels and car brushes perhaps, even your winter sorrows and winter blues.

When season changes, and the climates confused, and your wardrobe is a mess, it’s time for you to call all the shots.

Just like anything else in the world, one thing is always constant and that is, change.

Change something about yourself that changes your perspectives of things to the better.

Have some vacation time from work?
Use it! Go somewhere not as a vacation, but as an adventure and travel for the time being!

Have some new clothes you just brought but never got the chance to wear?
Wear them! Strut!

Want to learn something new or expand any sort of knowledge you’re curious of?
Enrol! Knowledge is power!

Tired of looking at your old crummy car but you have some sort of saved funding to get a new one?
Sell and buy!

Want to cut your hair?
Cut, colour and style it!

Lost a loved one, or a friend?
Grow within those emotions and strengthen those that are having a hard time doing so.

Change is good.
Change is what makes the world go ’round, even today.
If you don’t like something you’re doing today, don’t wait till tomorrow, do it now.
Or, you should’ve done it yesterday.

Excuses and self punishments are what will keep you depressed.

Being closed off to change for the new is what makes you feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over and over again.
Like you’re stuck, like there’s no excitement to life and living.
Feels like such a drag, doesn’t it?

Change; revolve around the constant!

Hey, the season and weather is changing;
out with the cold, in with the heat.
And so can you!

– Ghuman



“I’m trying so hard to fight this feeling.
I’m trying extremely hard to convince myself that I will be okay in the next 5 minutes to forever.
I tell myself that one day I will start my day off and it will turn out to be good.
I tell myself that one day this dim light will start to flicker brighter.
I tell myself that one day I will be madly in love with someone who will be equally if not more in love with me.
I tell myself that one day someone will fight for me so I don’t feel so alone.
I tell myself that one day someone will take bullets for me so I’m not always wounded.
I tell myself that one day someone will stand tall with me so I don’t always feel so small.
I tell myself that one day I will finally be out of this darkness.
I tell myself that one day this rocky path will start to pave out to a smooth one…
Into another world
Where I am in happiness.
Where I am in love.
Where I am safe.
One day, I will tell myself all this, and believe it.
Until then, I will keep fighting with myself”





When a building falls apart, you rebuild it, construct it back together but better and stronger.

When your house of cards fall apart, you rebuild it, construct it back together, but better and stronger.

When your heart breaks and you fall apart, you gotta rebuild it, construct yourself back together, but better and stronger.

This topic is a very deep one. Nonetheless, an important one.

The thoughts and feelings of dying is just a thought and a feeling away. It’s not the type of moment where you have a thought process to go with it.

It’s the type of moment where the thought comes instantly and doesn’t go away.

This post is not going to be something where I’m going to advise you on what to do. I can’t.  Because suicidal thoughts aren’t something you can actually control. Thoughts aren’t something that can be cured, but they can be tamed.

You wake up one day and you feel you’re not worth anything to anyone. Nothing is going right. Everything you do turns into a mess. No one believes in you. You feel no one loves you. You feel you’re stuck with a curse of bad luck. You try and try everyday to get up and do something but you feel it won’t matter because no cares about you.

And at the end of this, suicidal thoughts are all that emerges in your mind because you feel if you aren’t here anymore, you’ll either be making everyone’s lives better or that no one cares you’re gone because you have put yourself at the bottom of the earth’s grave.

You can’t just put yourself at the bottom of the pedestal all the time. I understand that sometimes we do put ourselves down, we do tell ourselves we aren’t worth it. We do tell ourselves that we aren’t loved and cared for.

Remember, the root to suicidal thoughts doesn’t necessarily come from self worth. It does come from our environment. A reaction to an action.

If we perform a job poorly and get beat down for it, the negativity will follow you unless you are strong enough to not take it to heart. If we get hurt, the action of rejection will follow you unless you break it down. If we do a thousand things for someone and you get no recognition or anything in return, the action of not being cared for will follow you unless you crush it down.

Any negative external action will cause an internal thought of death for someone going through depression.

We just got to tame them, friends.

Crush something if it’s beating you. Break something that’s hurting you. Fight something that’s killing you. Because you’re life is far more important than the outside world.

Of course we hear it all the time that our lives are so precious and we should never commit suicide as it is a sin and if you need help talk to someone. That’s all true, but again, thoughts are hard to cure. Tame them slowly, day by day. And remind yourself: you will always be important.

You may feel like it’s the end of the world for you that you want to end your world, but remember, there’s always a great story that lies ahead of you. Because you have a purpose. We all have a tale, live it far to a point where you can tell them to the world, for the better. Just hang on.

The times where you tell yourself that you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel, where there is no where to go and you see a dead end and you decide to just end it. Remember, the tunnel is always dark. You won’t get a bright tunnel. Just like life; there is no straight path to anything, you will always encounter ups and downs, twists and curves and sharp turns. The light will only show up when you act upon a change. Dig a hole in the ground or up against the wall when you see a dead end, and keep going. You’ll see the light eventually. Why? Because at the end of every darkness, there’s always a spark of light.