Photographer: Simrat Ghuman
Model: Tavneet Khera
Make-up Artist: Amy Rogers



What is written on your face?

There is always something we strive for, hope for, and wish for the better.

Either on to ourselves or for others; just a little piece of light.

What is it that you hold on to? Something you would like there to be more of?

LOVE MORE is written on my face.


There needs to be more love in my world and yours. It’s not the first time you heard someone say, love conquers all! Because it really does!

What kind of hope is written on your face? Spread that hope loud!!




Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds, the natural inevitable cycle of life and death can alter with one tick of a mindset: “I’m worthless”

What makes your mind tick? 

What people think or you? How people in your life treat you?

What makes you YOU is what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning. THAT person is not worthless, not useless and YOUR life is not pointless.

Don’t let others fool your mindset.




When a building falls apart, you rebuild it, construct it back together but better and stronger.

When your house of cards fall apart, you rebuild it, construct it back together, but better and stronger.

When your heart breaks and you fall apart, you gotta rebuild it, construct yourself back together, but better and stronger.

This topic is a very deep one. Nonetheless, an important one.

The thoughts and feelings of dying is just a thought and a feeling away. It’s not the type of moment where you have a thought process to go with it.

It’s the type of moment where the thought comes instantly and doesn’t go away.

This post is not going to be something where I’m going to advise you on what to do. I can’t.  Because suicidal thoughts aren’t something you can actually control. Thoughts aren’t something that can be cured, but they can be tamed.

You wake up one day and you feel you’re not worth anything to anyone. Nothing is going right. Everything you do turns into a mess. No one believes in you. You feel no one loves you. You feel you’re stuck with a curse of bad luck. You try and try everyday to get up and do something but you feel it won’t matter because no cares about you.

And at the end of this, suicidal thoughts are all that emerges in your mind because you feel if you aren’t here anymore, you’ll either be making everyone’s lives better or that no one cares you’re gone because you have put yourself at the bottom of the earth’s grave.

You can’t just put yourself at the bottom of the pedestal all the time. I understand that sometimes we do put ourselves down, we do tell ourselves we aren’t worth it. We do tell ourselves that we aren’t loved and cared for.

Remember, the root to suicidal thoughts doesn’t necessarily come from self worth. It does come from our environment. A reaction to an action.

If we perform a job poorly and get beat down for it, the negativity will follow you unless you are strong enough to not take it to heart. If we get hurt, the action of rejection will follow you unless you break it down. If we do a thousand things for someone and you get no recognition or anything in return, the action of not being cared for will follow you unless you crush it down.

Any negative external action will cause an internal thought of death for someone going through depression.

We just got to tame them, friends.

Crush something if it’s beating you. Break something that’s hurting you. Fight something that’s killing you. Because you’re life is far more important than the outside world.

Of course we hear it all the time that our lives are so precious and we should never commit suicide as it is a sin and if you need help talk to someone. That’s all true, but again, thoughts are hard to cure. Tame them slowly, day by day. And remind yourself: you will always be important.

You may feel like it’s the end of the world for you that you want to end your world, but remember, there’s always a great story that lies ahead of you. Because you have a purpose. We all have a tale, live it far to a point where you can tell them to the world, for the better. Just hang on.

The times where you tell yourself that you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel, where there is no where to go and you see a dead end and you decide to just end it. Remember, the tunnel is always dark. You won’t get a bright tunnel. Just like life; there is no straight path to anything, you will always encounter ups and downs, twists and curves and sharp turns. The light will only show up when you act upon a change. Dig a hole in the ground or up against the wall when you see a dead end, and keep going. You’ll see the light eventually. Why? Because at the end of every darkness, there’s always a spark of light.